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Monthly Meet-Up @ The Bard & Banker

Not sure how you feel about getting your brain geared up for the fall semester of university/research/a new job/the same job? Best thing you can do is come down to our August Meet-Up for a casual opportunity to talk ‘shop’, and meet like-minded scientists from different fields. And enjoy some cold beers and live music! 

This month we issue you the challenge of networking yourself proactively! Bring business cards, exchange email addresses, add eachother on Linkedin, and talk with people at different levels of their education and career so that you can explore these connections later on. Sometimes networking can feel inorganic and weird... but at UVic WiS events, you're in a safe space surrounded by like-minded and cool people, so we're here to facilitate an empowering and genuine environment to connect awesome people! 

Women in Science is a budding initiative to connect women pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The goal is to achieve a supportive and engaging environment that fosters collaboration and success of women pursuing STEM fields. 

UVic Women in Science doesn't have membership defined by anything at all. If you see an event of ours that you're interested in - you just show up! Our group is open to everyone interested in supporting the Women in Science initiative, regardless of race, gender expression, sexuality, or even fields of study (although it is science focused, it's important for us to bring in outside perspectives at these social meet-ups every now and then).

We hope to see you there for a fun evening!